June Wedding at the Maui Coffee Farm

Carrie and Kevin wed in June at the Maria Lanakila church in Lahaina Maui. Friends and family flow in from across the mainland, from California, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Carrie requested spring flowers for her bouquets featuring, bright pink, white and pale pink peonies. The stems were wrapped in navy blue, an on trend color for 2014. After the beautiful church wedding the group traveled back to the Ka’anapali Coffee Farm to gather for the wedding reception and dinner. The ocean views and evening sky provided a dramatic sunset for a lovely Maui Wedding.

Flowers were provided by Sally of Blue Sky Weddings
Photography: Barry Frankel Photography
Caterer: Carol Longhi Oleary
DJ: Boomshot Jay Langworthy
Wedding Cake: Maui Sweet Cakes
Wedding Planner and Design: Gabrielle at Blue Sky Weddings

Fields of Coffee Above Pacific Ocean

Kevin and Carrie’s Ka’anapali Coffee Farm wedding reception featured inspired views of acres of verdant coffee and Maui’s pacific ocean.

Maui wedding at Coffee Farms

Fields of Coffee in Maui

Image by Barry Frankel of Fresh Island Photography

December Wedding at Olowalu Plantation House in Maui

Coming from Australia, Julie and Jarrod found a central meeting point to marry at the Olowalu Plantation in Maui. Their families flew out from Southern California and Australia to join the couple for their marriage ceremony in West Maui. The wedding and reception featured bright jewel toned flowers, a travel theme featuring the couple’s favorite cities and destinations and a clear top tent with pretty white lanterns. The music was provided by Ahumanu, a Hawaiian style duet, and DJ Boomshot. The food was provided by Carol Longhi Oleary Catering. For dessert there was an array of cake pops, French style macaroons made by Fabiani’s Bakery in three flavors and a pot of melted warm chocolate with fresh tropical fruit for dipping on each table.  After the family style dinner was served dancing lasted into the night.

Photography by Hula Girl Photography
Catering by Carol Longhi Oleary Catering
Planning and Design by Blue Sky Weddings Maui
Flowers by Sally of Blue Sky Weddings
Officiate: Reverend Kimo Kirkman
Venue: The Olowalu Plantation House in Maui
French Style Macaroons: Fabiani’s Bakery

Lauren Pearson & John Hart Marry at the Sugarman Estate in Makena Maui

This wedding ceremony and reception hosted at a private estate in Makena Maui featured the brides choice of bright pink peonies mixed with peach tones and bright yellow for all of the decor. The venue was on the ocean facing the sea. The marriage ceremony took advantage of the spectacular lava rock, and outer island views. Before the sun set into the ocean the couple had lots of time for gorgeous photography with Christopher Nolan of Little Rock Arkansas who flew into Maui for the occasion.

Photography by Christopher Nolan of Little Rock Arkansas
Hair and Make up: Adiel Sneary-Cline from Maui 253 Salon for hair & makeup.
Food by Carol Longhi Oleary
Flowers by Sally
Wedding Planning and design by Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Australian Couple Wed by the Sea in Historic Olowalu Hawaii

Tara Beyer and Marcus Renna marry in Maui

Photography: Stewart Pinsky of Hula Girl Photography
Food & Catering: Carol L Oleary
Flowers: Blue Sky Designs
Wedding Planner: Blue Sky Weddings
Venue: Olowalu Plantation House – Lahaina Maui
DJ: Sound Wave Maui

Hula Girl Photography-1

Hula Girl Photography-2

Hula Girl Photography-1A

Hula Girl Photography-5B


Hula Girl Photography-5


Hula Girl Photography-3

Hula Girl Photography-5E

Hula Girl Photography-5F

Hula Girl Photography-5G

Hula Girl Photography-6

Hula Girl Photography-6A

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Hula Girl Photography-9A

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Hula Girl Photography-23

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Hula Girl Photography-27

Hula Girl Photography-28

Hula Girl Photography-29

Hula Girl Photography-40

Hula Girl Photography-142

Thoughts About Olowalu Plantation House Maui

Olowalu Plantation House: Sublime West Maui Haven For Weddings

It is difficult to envision a grander setting for weddings than the Olowalu Plantation House in Maui. Even with myriad visitations, one never fails to be transported upon entering the resplendent grounds.

The main house is the epitome of plantation-style elegance, spurring even a hint of crass tourism. Generous acreage surrounds, filled with magnificent indigenous trees, plants and flowers, all leading towards the sun and moon-kissed ocean – a vista that continually inspires and delights.

Pu’u kukui, tallest of the majestic West Maui Mountains, translates to mean hill of enlightenment, and it soars above visitors to Olowau Plantation House opposite the direction of the Pacific. Splendid views of neighboring islands, Lanai and Kaho’olawe, are also enjoyed.

Blue Sky Weddings excels at optimizing this sublime haven for nuptials, seamlessly orchestrating the ceremony, flowers, table settings, food and drink, lighting, music, photography and video according to your specifications.

You richly deserve this ultimate destination-wedding site, and Blue Sky Weddings welcomes your enquiry at 808-283-8014  and gabrielle@blueskyweddings.com
– E. Robinson, June 2013, Maui

© 2013 Blue Sky Weddings All rights reserved

Our designers, planners, and catering crew love working at Olowalu Plantation House. It is an excellent choice for an outside venue. Lahaina has the most reliable weather on Maui. Hardly any rain, typically bright and sunny all year round.

Have a look at a few weddings we desinged and planned at the Olowalu Plantation House

Elise & Patrick Wedding at Olwoalu Plantation House

Stacey & Michael’s wedding hosted at Olowalu House Maui


Andrea & Christopher are Married New Years Eve in Lahaina Maui

New Years Eve Wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House Maui

Photography:  Hula Girl Photography Maui

Wedding design, decor and planning:  Blue Sky Weddings

Catering: Carol Longhi O’Leary

Andrea Fall and Christopher Zachary wed at the Olowalu Plantation House in Lahaina Maui, Hawaii on New Years Eve. The wedding was blessed with a perfect sunny day and  a perfectly clear gorgeous evening. Andrea and Christopher were joined by family and friends to celebrate their marriage and the beginning of the new year. White tropical flowers were used throughout the ceremony and reception.  Wedding bouquets were a cluster of white cymbidium orchids. Centerpieces of snow white anthurium and protea decorated the tables. The reception lasted through midnight when a show of fireworks was displayed off the south end of the island of Lanai, just across the channel. Stewart Pinsky of Hula Girl Photography was on site capturing gorgeous images of the day and evening.  The delicious wedding cake was done by Maui Sweet Cakes in Paia.  The very delicious dinner for the evening was prepared by caterer, Carol Oleary. DJ Billy Arbour of Sound Wave Maui provided the tunes for the evening. All of the tropical blooms were sourced on Maui with flower design by Sally Longhi.

    • Menu
    • Passed appetizers
    •  Ahi carpaccio on crostini
    • Hamakua mushrooms on gorgonzola crostini
    • Peking duck rolls with plum sauce
    • Upcountry Kula greens with caramelized macadamia nuts and ginger lime vinaigrette
    • Kalbe marinated New York steak
    • Opakapaka served with ginger lime buerre blanc and island salsa
    • Jasmine rice pilaf with caramelized macadamia nuts and pineapple
    • Sautéed asparagus
    • Kona coffee & Wedding Cake
    • Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting
    • Vanilla lilikoi cake with cream cheese frosting
    • Vanilla cake with toasted coconut

Hamakua mushrooms are grown at the Hamakua Heritage Farm on the Coast in Laupahoehoe, Hawaii. Hawaii’s Own Commercially Grown Gourmet Mushrooms.

Lilikoi: Hawaiian yellow passionfruit called lilikoi is sweet and very tart. The fruit is a wonderful addition and flavor added to cakes, tart and jams, or eaten fresh out of the large yellow pod.

Toasted Coconut: Fresh shredded from Maui’s own coconut palm trees.

Images by Hula Girl below:

Hula Girl Photography Maui- Wedding Planner Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui- Wedding Planner Blue Sky Weddings Maui



Hula Girl Photography Maui- Wedding Planner Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui- Wedding Planner Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui- Wedding Planner Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings Maui
Hula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings MauiHula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings MauiHula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Hula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings MauiHula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings MauiHula Girl Photography Maui - Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Wedding Color Trends: Orange Creates A Perfect Palette

It seems orange has been an extremely popular choice for brides and Maui Weddings over the past few years.  Maybe Hawaii is just a good place for an orange palette. Orange shows up so nicely in photographs and stands out against all that blue sky, colbalt ocean and green grass as it pairs beautifully with rich turquoise and citron. We have worked with tone on tone orange palettes from pure vibrant  orange to subtle shades of nectarine and mango.   Orange also mixes well with pink and yellow, chocolate brown or copper and green, basically warm tonal blends.  Have a look at some stunning images from recent weddings featuring this vibrant color.


Laor Laora

Lina Lindd

Linb Linde

Embellishments such as buckles, antique pins and crystals fitted into the handle of the bouquet or ribbon add a unique touch to a bridal bouquet.

Bird of paradise, orange pin cushions, macara orchids, orange lilies and belles of Ireland fill in the center of the table set off by a chocolate brown taffeta runner. Bamboo canopies draped with sheer fabric are a nice way to create an intimate space for dinner and can be lit with white or colorful lanterns. I like to set the canopy on the grass but as close to the ocean as possible.  This table seats 40 and can be made longer or smaller depending on the number of guests at table. Find more orange weddings here for your Hawaii Wedding or Maui Wedding.


My Favorite Maui Wedding Photographers

While working in Hawaii wedding planning for the past 10 years I have had the pleasure to meet and work with many talented photographers who live in Hawaii.  I cannot even begin to choose my favorite and end up with a short list of several excellent choices competing for the top spot. I would love to share my favorites with you so I will feature the work of a selection of the best photographers on Maui over the next month.

Hughes PhotoGraphics as among the top professional photography studios shooting Maui weddings. Hughes PhotoGraphics is Scott Hughes who delivers a true journal style capturing the emotions and moments of the day. Hughes also produces gorgeous books. I always recommend Scott when excellent images are a top priority.  Here are some images by Hughes PhotoGraphics from a Blue Sky Wedding at a private beach side house in Lahaina Maui.  More weddings by Hughes PhotoGraphics please look here and here. Venue featured is  Blue Sky Beach Villa Maui, see more photos here and here







Sugarman Estate Wedding: Makena Maui

Kasey and Aaron married at the Honua Kai Lani also known as the Sugarman Estate in Makena Maui. Guests at the wedding were greeted with a fresh mango champagne frisee and a game of croquet on the vast lawn overlooking the crescent shaped islet Molokini set in the Pacific Ocean. Lanterns lit the way to the sunset wedding ceremony held on a grassy bluff next to the breaking surf.  A perfect sun set into the ocean as Aaron and Kasey recited their vows.  Aaron’s sister preformed the marriage ceremony.  This early spring wedding boasted a bright sunny day with breezes and bursts of swirling winds that kept the guests cool and comfortable in this tropical setting.


Kasey chose an aqua blue, yellow and pale gray color palette keeping this theme for her flowers, linens and other accents. Flowers were white peonies, whitegarden roses, freesia, orchids, white and yellow ranunculus and bright yellow tulips for a pop of fun color. Dove gray table linens provided a soothing canvas for the aqua blues and bright yellow tones.  Appetizers were passed following the ceremony as well as two special cocktails named for the celebrants.

This Maui wedding featured a fully lined tent with pale blue lanterns and aqua colored up-lights. The three course catered dinner by chef Carol Longhi featured fresh island opakpaka with a mélange of tropical flavors combined in a salsa of mango and pineapple and filet mignon sauced with a pinot reduction and wild mushrooms.

Blue Sky Weddings Studio planned the event design and all the details working closely with Kasey to realize her vision. Kasey and Aaron chose Anna Kim as their photographer and Cravings Bakery for the wedding cake. Billy Arbour of Sound Wave Maui provided the music for the ceremony and reception.  More photos are available and we hope to post more soon. You can see more photos here at   Blue Sky Weddings.