June Wedding at the Maui Coffee Farm

Carrie and Kevin wed in June at the Maria Lanakila church in Lahaina Maui. Friends and family flow in from across the mainland, from California, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Carrie requested spring flowers for her bouquets featuring, bright pink, white and pale pink peonies. The stems were wrapped in navy blue, an on trend color for 2014. After the beautiful church wedding the group traveled back to the Ka’anapali Coffee Farm to gather for the wedding reception and dinner. The ocean views and evening sky provided a dramatic sunset for a lovely Maui Wedding.

Flowers were provided by Sally of Blue Sky Weddings
Photography: Barry Frankel Photography
Caterer: Carol Longhi Oleary
DJ: Boomshot Jay Langworthy
Wedding Cake: Maui Sweet Cakes
Wedding Planner and Design: Gabrielle at Blue Sky Weddings

Fields of Coffee Above Pacific Ocean

Kevin and Carrie’s Ka’anapali Coffee Farm wedding reception featured inspired views of acres of verdant coffee and Maui’s pacific ocean.

Maui wedding at Coffee Farms

Fields of Coffee in Maui

Image by Barry Frankel of Fresh Island Photography

Lauren Pearson & John Hart Marry at the Sugarman Estate in Makena Maui

This wedding ceremony and reception hosted at a private estate in Makena Maui featured the brides choice of bright pink peonies mixed with peach tones and bright yellow for all of the decor. The venue was on the ocean facing the sea. The marriage ceremony took advantage of the spectacular lava rock, and outer island views. Before the sun set into the ocean the couple had lots of time for gorgeous photography with Christopher Nolan of Little Rock Arkansas who flew into Maui for the occasion.

Photography by Christopher Nolan of Little Rock Arkansas
Hair and Make up: Adiel Sneary-Cline from Maui 253 Salon for hair & makeup.
Food by Carol Longhi Oleary
Flowers by Sally
Wedding Planning and design by Blue Sky Weddings Maui

Australian Couple Wed by the Sea in Historic Olowalu Hawaii

Tara Beyer and Marcus Renna marry in Maui

Photography: Stewart Pinsky of Hula Girl Photography
Food & Catering: Carol L Oleary
Flowers: Blue Sky Designs
Wedding Planner: Blue Sky Weddings
Venue: Olowalu Plantation House – Lahaina Maui
DJ: Sound Wave Maui

Hula Girl Photography-1

Hula Girl Photography-2

Hula Girl Photography-1A

Hula Girl Photography-5B


Hula Girl Photography-5


Hula Girl Photography-3

Hula Girl Photography-5E

Hula Girl Photography-5F

Hula Girl Photography-5G

Hula Girl Photography-6

Hula Girl Photography-6A

Hula Girl Photography-9

Hula Girl Photography-9A

Hula Girl Photography-11

Hula Girl Photography-12

Hula Girl Photography-13

Hula Girl Photography-14

Hula Girl Photography-14A

Hula Girl Photography-15

Hula Girl Photography-16jpg

Hula Girl Photography-18

Hula Girl Photography-19

Hula Girl Photography-19A

Hula Girl Photography-20

Hula Girl Photography-21


Hula Girl Photography-23

Hula Girl Photography-24

Hula Girl Photography-25

Hula Girl Photography-26

Hula Girl Photography-27

Hula Girl Photography-28

Hula Girl Photography-29

Hula Girl Photography-40

Hula Girl Photography-142

Maui Wedding by the Sea

Charlotte Prynn and Drew Hirst married at the  Olowalu Plantation House in Lahaina Maui in September. Charlotte choose one of my favorite color combinations focusing on orange orchids, tulips, lilies and tangerine accents throughout.

Photography: Stewart Pinsky of Hula Girl Photography
Food: Catering: Carol L Oleary
Wedding Cake: Maui Sweet Cakes
Flowers: Blue Sky Designs
Wedding Planner: Blue Sky Weddings Maui
Venue: Olowalu Plantation House
DJ: Sound Wave Maui

Hula Girl Photography - Maui wedding

Hula Girl Photography

Maui wedding with tropical theme

Hula Girl Photography-6

Olowalu Maui wedding by Blue Sky Weddings

Wedding ceremony by Blue Sky Weddings

Wedding in Maui

Reception, cocktails, at wedding

Crostini passed appetizers

Shrimp appetizer

Chicken skewers at wedding


Hula Girl Photography

Hula Girl Photography

Hula Girl Photography-32

Hula Girl Photography

Hula Girl Photography-41





Hula Girl Photography-

Hula Girl Photograhy - maui wedding

Married at Olowalu



Hula Girl Photography-45


My Favorite Maui Wedding Photographers

While working in Hawaii wedding planning for the past 10 years I have had the pleasure to meet and work with many talented photographers who live in Hawaii.  I cannot even begin to choose my favorite and end up with a short list of several excellent choices competing for the top spot. I would love to share my favorites with you so I will feature the work of a selection of the best photographers on Maui over the next month.

Hughes PhotoGraphics as among the top professional photography studios shooting Maui weddings. Hughes PhotoGraphics is Scott Hughes who delivers a true journal style capturing the emotions and moments of the day. Hughes also produces gorgeous books. I always recommend Scott when excellent images are a top priority.  Here are some images by Hughes PhotoGraphics from a Blue Sky Wedding at a private beach side house in Lahaina Maui.  More weddings by Hughes PhotoGraphics please look here and here. Venue featured is  Blue Sky Beach Villa Maui, see more photos here and here