June Wedding at the Maui Coffee Farm

Carrie and Kevin wed in June at the Maria Lanakila church in Lahaina Maui. Friends and family flow in from across the mainland, from California, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Carrie requested spring flowers for her bouquets featuring, bright pink, white and pale pink peonies. The stems were wrapped in navy blue, an on trend color for 2014. After the beautiful church wedding the group traveled back to the Ka’anapali Coffee Farm to gather for the wedding reception and dinner. The ocean views and evening sky provided a dramatic sunset for a lovely Maui Wedding.

Flowers were provided by Sally of Blue Sky Weddings
Photography: Barry Frankel Photography
Caterer: Carol Longhi Oleary
DJ: Boomshot Jay Langworthy
Wedding Cake: Maui Sweet Cakes
Wedding Planner and Design: Gabrielle at Blue Sky Weddings

Shave ice: A cool idea

Shave ice is a fun addition to a wedding reception and Maui has lots of options for shave ice vendors. The choices available range from classic neon syrups in bright colors to organic local fruit flavorings, expensive and fancy to home styled and simple. Another popular idea is to feature cocktail inspired flavors such as pina colada, lava flow, blue Hawaii, or whatever your fancy and  add a shot of rum or vodka to top it off for a lush cocktail. Shave ice is a cool idea for hot weather weddings.

Shave ice is a Hawaiian tradition brought to the islands by Japanese plantation workers in the late 1800’s. Fine ice is shaved off a block which makes the ice very fine and  allows it to mix completely with the flavor syrups.  It is typically served in a paper or plastic cup.  Often a scope of vanilla ice cream or azuki bean paste is added at the bottom of the cup. Some of the many flavors include, pineapple, guava, coconut, lilikoi, li hing mi, lychee, mango, Thai tea, kiwi, tiger’s blood, watermelon and local Kula strawberry, add a snow cap, homemade azuki beans, fresh mochi balls or a scope of Roselani vanilla ice cream and you have a local Maui sweet treat to impress your guests.

Top Ten List: To Do One Year From Wedding Day

Top Ten to-dos: Eighteen months to one year out to wedding date


1:   Work out your budget. Decide how much you have to spend and find out if your families will contribute and how much. It is a good idea to know what you have to spend before you start your research. You can adjust up later should you choose to but if you want to stick with a dollar amount decide what that number is and finds ways to work within your budget.

2:   Start putting together your wedding party. If you decide you do not want a wedding party then you are off the hook here but do inform friends and family of your decision so no one feels left out.

3:   Work out your head count, the lower the head count the more you will reduce costs. Many reception venues price by guest count and catering and bar services price per person.

4:   Hire a wedding planner especially if you are planning a destination wedding. A planner has relationships with venders and venues as well as ideas and experience so if you decide to work with a planner hire one immediately as this will benefit you in the long run. Call us for Maui wedding planner and Hawaii wedding planning advise

5:   Decide your wedding date as well as a few back up dates in case your wedding venue is booked on the day of your choice. If you have to have a certain day then you should be prepared to be flexible in your ceremony and reception site choices. Call us for great ideas for Maui event locations.

6:  Decide the look and feel of your wedding. Do you want a traditional religious wedding?  If you do this will dictate ceremony venues and style.  If you want a destination wedding will the nuptials be formal or casual? Will you host your wedding in your home with a back yard reception or do you want a unique and quirky unexpected venue to host your wedding and reception. Options open to you are many so think about what you want and the cost of pulling it all together.

7:  Find and book your wedding venues.  Decide if you will have the wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. Your wedding planner should be able to assist you in finding the right venues.

8:  Book your officiate

9:  Start researching vendors and remember that your planner can provide a list of proven professional vendors, as they will have contacts with excellent sources. The first vendor to book is your photographer; get a list together and start looking at on line portfolios. Get ideas from your planner as well as friends, on line research and recommendations.

10:  Book your photographer. Also start to research caterers, florists and music



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