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White Flowers: Wedding Floral Designs

White was the most requested flower color for 2010 weddings and continues to be strong in 2011. Mixed white tones make a stunning bouquet. Over the past year we have designed many white bouquets for brides using mixed white flowers in a collection of subtle white tones, mixing cream, ivory, white, blush, and white flowers tinged with green, yellow or pink. It is a classic look. You cannot go wrong with this approach. The bridal attendants carry flowers colored in a bright mix of jewel or tropical bright tones, or single color bright flowers such as a deep jewel toned magenta. Another popular choice for the bridesmaids are green flowers mixed with some of the same white flowers from the brides bouquet.

Tiffany: Mixed white bouquet of peonies, hydrangea, freesia and white orchid with a pink center. Her bridesmaids carried a mix of colorful flowers.

maui bride with white bouquet
white peonies and orchids brides bouquet
maui bride walks with dad
colorful bridemaids bouquets: maui
white roses, orchid, peonies maui
white orchid
luxurious white bridal bouquet maui

Kate: Rustic bouquet of spring blossom branches, ranunculus, freesia, stock, lysianthis, and green orchids tied with rope

rustic white bouquet
white spring flowers bouquet
Rustic white bouquet with blossom branches
white bouquet with blossum branches

Amber: She used white tones throughout the ceremony and reception with yellow accents on the tables and white orchids on her cake. White orchids, white roses, and freesia are used in her bouquets.

luxurious white orchid bouquet maui
bridemaids with blue dresses and white flowers
white orchids with pink throats
white orchids with lavender accents
white wedding cake with orchids
bridemaids bouquets in white
maui white brides bouquets

Stacy: Her bouquet is packed with stephanotis, gardenia and other small ivory and white flowers. Her tables and canopies use phaleanopsis orchid sprays, white and pale green roses, accented with green flowers, such as green orchids and hydrangea.

bridal canopy with lux orchid sprays
detailed white brides bouquet
ocean wedding table
white and green flowers with blue runner
outside reception in Maui
orchid sprays for wedding canopy
long dinner table set with white orchids
wedding cake staked with green orchids and blue ribbon
wedding lounge canopies in Maui
Flower girl Maui

Dana chooses all white for everything except her bridesmaid’s bouquet, tables, cake and accent flowers in deep vibrant red. Her bouquet is a mix of white peonies, white orchids, gardenias and blush roses.

white peonies with blush roses for bride
Mixed white bridal flowers
maui bouquet in white
lush peonies with white orchids
red peonies in bride's bouquet
deeo red roses with gloriosa lilies and red peonies

Narelle wanted all white casa blanca lilies for her bouquet, white leis for groom and guests, and white orchids for her hair. Her table featured bright tropical flowers as a contrast to the all white ceremony.

brides mix of casa blanca lilies
maile lei
maui bride
white orchid petal path
bridemaid with white lilies
hair flowers: white orchids
dinner canopy in Olowalu by Blue Sky Weddings

Susan: Ivory roses mixed with white mini call lilies and white freesia tied with green ribbon for bride and all five maids. Her tent and table continued the white and green theme.

white freesia
pile of white bouquets
tent with lilies
shite flower sprays
white butter cream cake with orchids

Fedelis selected all white flowers with pink accents. For her brides bouquet she chose single flower, white cymbidium orchids tinged with pink. Her bridesmaids held deep pink cymbdium orchid bouquets. The same deep pink orchid is also used on the wedding cake

orchid clutch
lapel flower for groom
white blooms for a maui wedding
simply wonderful white bouquet
white dress for amui bride
maui bride and groom
wedding cake with pink orchid center

Stella: All white flowers for bride with fuchsia for the bridesmaids. Stella's bride’s bouquet is white roses, orchids, and freesia while the bridesmaids held pink cymbidium orchids clusters.

cream bridal bouquet
wedding party Olowalu Maui
lacy bouuqet
smiling maui bride
pink bridesmaids
pink orchid nosegays

Jane held a full bouquet of blush roses, white tulips, star of Bethlehem, and gardenia. Her bridesmaids carried bouquets of red tulips, red berries, green orchids and green hydrangea for a festive holiday December wedding.

tropical luxury
blush and ivory wedding bouquet
gardenia for scent

Malia: White roses, mini calla lilies, white cymbidium orchids, freesia, tuberose and seeded eucalyptus for wedding ceremony flowers: Bride and Groom - double tuberose leis for lei exchange

wedding bouquet in ivory
ivory mini call lily bouquet for bride
ivory and white maui
maui ivory flowers
cream roses with white orchids in brides flowers
tuberose lei
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