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Bridal Bouquets and Flowers for Maui Weddings

Our in house floral designs are gorgeous, elegant and simple, extravagant and exotic, surprising and whimsical. We suggest the use of island flowers such as orchids, tuberose, lilies, hydrangea, stephanotis, and various island tropical blooms. Gardenias in season are divine. Roses are heavenly and a traditional wedding flower. We can work with the flowers you have in mind but suggest seasonal flowers. White flowers are traditional, pale toned flowers are elegant, bright flowers lend a tropical feeling, are lively and festive, and photograph well. Below are some recent wedding flowers along with reception flowers and table flowers.

All floral designs are by Sally & Gabrielle with Blue Sky Weddings

white brides bouquet orchids and peonies

White Wedding Flowers for wedding bouquets, centerpieces and other wedding specials is a classic style. If you chose white for your bouquet you will have lots of flowers to choose from because almost all flowers bloom in white. The white brides bouquet on the left is a mix of white peonies, blush roses, white freesia, white hydrangea and white cymbidium orchids with pink centers.

Of course, you will want to choose your flowers by what is in season and what is growing well for the time of year. If the flowers must be shipped then they must be able to withstand the shipping, which can be hard on some delicate flowers such as sweet peas.

White flowers we suggest are white cymbidium orchids, white phaleaonopsis orchids, white freesia, roses in all shades of white, peonies, white ranunculus, white mini calla lilies, regular calla lilies, white casa blanca lilies, stephanotis, gardenia, white hydrangea, dendrobium orchids, stock, lysianthis,white spring blossom branches, spider mums, star of Bethlehem, tulips, tuberose, carnations and spray roses.


White Brides bouquet: white peonies, blush cream roses, white cymbidium orchids with pink center, white freesia, white hydrangea


vibrant brides bouquet orange tulips, pink mini calla lilies

Colorful vibrant flowers hold up to bright outside light and cheer up a dark space making them versatile. They also photograph extremely well, and are cheerful and magnificent.

Colorful Wedding Flowers we suggest are roses, mango mini calla lilies, deep pink or purple hydrangea, pink and orange freesia, orange, yellow, pink or purple mocara orchids, pink vanda orchids, green cymbidium orchids, bright orange tulips, jewel toned magenta roses, lavender, yellow, pink or purple stock.

Brides Bouquet Left Mix: Deep pink mini calla lilies, deep orange roses, deep pink roses, orange tulips, purple hydrangea.

Bright Mix suggestions: Watermelon roses and flame mini calla lilies with lavender ribbon. Tables & Tent: Bright orange & yellow tulips, orange orchids, watermelon pink roses, green hydrangea & green cymbidium orchids.


brides bouquet pink orchids


Pink Wedding Flowers: Lots of flowers bloom in pink shades so if you like pink you will have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Pink can range from pale delicate blush or pastel shades, deep pink, shocking pink or a medium toned watermelon to cooler raspberries tones.

Pink flowers: roses, bright pink hydrangea, pale or deeper pink peonies, pink cymbidium orchids, vanda orchids, mocara orchids, catalaya orchids, mini call lilies, gerbera daisies, tulips, stock, pink kimies, pink ginger, star gazer lilies, dahlias, pink wax, pink oriental lilies.

Bridesmais bouquets left: Big Island grown pink cymbidium orchids, wired and hand tied with deep pink ribbon

Hawaii grown pink cymbidium orchids




Brides Bouquet lady slippers

Green Wedding Flowers: Very chic, understated or vibrant, it depends on the shade of green and the mix of flowers paired with them.

Green flowers: green cymbidium orchids range from citron green to apple green and can have green, white, yellow, pink or magenta centers. Green goddess calla lilies, green hydrangea, green verburnum, green hypericon berries, belles of Ireland, green dendrobium orchids, exotic lady slippers, anastasia mums, green spider mums, green roses, green antherium, fancy green tulips are also other green flower choices.

Green flower bouquet of green and cream roses, green orchids and lady slippers




bouquet purple mini calla lilies and congo roses


Purple Wedding Flowers include color tones of lavender, lilac, violet, purple jewel tones to deep purple, dark eggplant or very dark purple,

Purple flowers: for lighter lavender or lilac shades, mini calla lilies, roses, lavender hydrangea, mocara orchids, and freesia for mid toned purple, vanda orchids, dendrobium orchids, iris, for deeper dark purple the mini call lily comes in a very dark purple, fancy carnations come in all three shades.

Brides Bouquet Left: Congo Roses paied with purple mini calla lilies with blush cymbidium orchids on stem and a deep pink silk ribbon.

Other suggestions for Brides Bouquet: Pink and lavender Dutch tulips, dark purple mini calla lilies, cymbidium orchids cuffed with shiny green leaves and a silk lavender ribbon.

Bridesmaids bouquets: Pink mini calla lilies, pink and lavender Dutch tulips, pink & purple silk ribbon

Purple mini calla lilies and Congo roses


bright yellow flowers, yellow orchids


Yellow Wedding Flowers mix well with white, green and bright shades of pink, orange purple and red as well as citrus tones.

Yellow flowers: roses, clear and wonderful yellow mini cal lilies, yellow ranunculus, yellow tulips, freesia, yellow cymbidium orchids, pop corn orchids, spider mums, yellow oriental lilies.

Tropical yellow Bridal Bouquets: Yellow mini calla lilies, pink tulips, pink peonies, purple mini calla lilies, pink sweet peas, dark red ranunculus, shells tied with a cream ribbon

Bright yellow orchids and spider mums for table




brides bouquet orange roses, orange mini calla lilies, freesia

Orange Wedding Flowers can range from soft apricot, mellow tangerine to the brightest orange. Orange is lovely and is great alone or mixed with citrus shades or pink.

Orange flowers: roses range from soft tones to bright orange, orange freesia, mango, flame or orange mini calla lilies, orange tulips, orange oriental lilies, pin cushions come in pale orange to deep orange red, birds of paradise, carnations, spray roses, orange mocara orchids.

Brides Bouquets left: Bright orange circus roses, apricot roses and mini call lilies make this tropical brides bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquet to far left: Circus roses, apricot roses and bright orange freesia.

bouquet red peonies & magenta orchids

Red Wedding Flowers: Red flowers pop wherever used, against the blue ocean, green grass, a white dress or a white table cloth. A great color for any time of year.

Red flowers: A Red color palette can include gorgeous red peonies, red ranunculus, various shades of red roses, gloriosa lilies, red ginger, red amerilous and red tulips. Tropical flowers also show in red tones, including the seasonal lipstick, and winter blooms such as the red streaked protea and red pin cushions. Red works well with deep pink or white or a mixed with orange and pink.

Red peonies and deep pink cymbidium orchids for bridesmaids

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