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Orange Flowers: Wedding Floral Designs

Orange is bright, bold and fun, and holds up to the strong Hawaiian light even at midday. Orange looks good in photographs, and stands out against the blue sky and ocean backdrops. Orange stands alone, or may be mixed with pink, orange, cream or green.  Another choice is to use a soft approach with tones of mellow apricot that evoke a vintage, romantic feel.

LaKisha: Bright orange, mini call lilies, roses, oriental lilies, freesia and curly willow. Copper taffeta tablecloths with chocolate brown napkins work well with orange.

orange wedding on maui
rose and call lily orange bouquet
orange rose petal path
Lahaina wedding wiht orange roses
circus roses and orange mini call lily
orange rose petals
Maui bride
wedding on the lanai
sunset colors Maui
orange passed appetizers

Lindsay: Orange mix of roses, mini calla lilies, spray roses, freesia and mocara orchids. Tables have mix of orange tropical flowers, bird of paradise, orange pincushions, bright orange roses, mocara orchids, belles of Ireland and seeded eucalyptus.

bouquet of orange flowers in Maui Olowalu bride orange velvet ribbon with jewel
Tropical wedding flowers outside wedding at Olowalu Maui apricot rose wedding
birds of paradise
beachside dinner for 40
bamboo dining canpy in Maui
canopy with brown and orange theme

Lisa: Exotic orange and pink bouquet, orange tulips, orange mini calla lilies, orange catalaya orchids, pink vanda orchids. Tables are a mix of exotic and unusual orange flowers along with orange tulips, lilies and orchids.

orange and peach orchids
exotic mix of orange flowers
orange themed amui reception
extoic winter orchids

Leah: Orange mini calla lilies, orange spray roses, orange orchids. Tables had green, white and orange flowers on a taffeta copper tablecloth.

floral designs maui
bride glow
clutch of lilies
orange chair flowers
before the ceremony
accents of green decor Maui sunset

Heather: Brides bouquet: mango mini calla lilies and congo roses. Bridesmaids: orange flame mini calla lilies and watermelon roses. Tables and tent: orange tulips, pink roses, mocara orchids, green cymbidium orchids, green hydrangea and other tropical flowers.

congo roses and mango mini calla lily
flame mini call lily bouquet
flowers for tent poles
tulips in wedding tent
vanda orchids in orange with spots
tropical flower decor
orange tulips in maui
table top
pink na orange
Maui wedding


Apricot roses, orange mini calla files, white cymbidium orchids, green dendrobium orchids and seeded eucalyptus

apricot roses for bridemaids bouquet
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