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Maui Wedding Flowers: Colorful, bright, tropical tones for ceremony, celebrations and receptions

The use of colorful bright flowers goes so well with an outside wedding. When you are planning your Maui wedding, or any other island or outside wedding, consider using some vibrant flowers because the bright colors hold up so well in sunlight. My favorite bright and vibrant flowers for weddings are roses because they come in so many colors, deep pink and purple hydrangea, orange mini call lilies, and all shades of orchids.

Kelsey wanted all bright flowers, colorful and tropical. We combined green, orange and purple orchids with deep orange mini call lilies in her bouquets. A vibrant orange ribbon was used on each bouquet. The same colors were used on the tables over tangerine runners. Small orange orchids were used in the napkins


Michelle: Lots of colorful roses, purple hydrangea and freesia tied with bright pink and orange ribbon for her Maui wedding. Her brides bouquet was a mix of apricot, bright orange, pink shades, purple and green.

Maui wedding flowers Maui Wedding bouquet maui petal path
wedding cake: bright flowers Olowalu wedding
Vibrant chair flowers Table flowers chair flowers
colorful roses
Michelle's Maui wedding flowers
purple hydrangea

Hannah: Brides bouquet, tables, and aisle flowers are bright pink, purple and green. The wedding planned around the use of pink and green roses, purple tulips and citron green orchids throughout.

tbale flowers pink
pink rose petal path
green orchid & pink brides bouquet
ocean pink flowers
maui chair flowers
green cymbidium orchids
wedding chair flwoers
maui rose bouquet
colorful weddng at Olowalu maui wedding cake with green orchids
Maui wedding cake
Brides bouquet Maui
pink roses
Wedding on Maui woth bright flowers
maui pink tulips

Sandi: For Sandi's wedding we planned a collection of jewel toned flowers in a mix of bright colors. Green cymbidium orchids, orange mini calla lilies, vibrant deep pink roses, orange roses, purple hydrangea, pink casa blanca lilies and yellow macara orchids made up her Maui wedding flowers and brides bouquets. Her bridesmaids carried jewel toned magenta roses.


Maui wedding
Robie Price Photography
Olowalu wedding: Blue Sky Weddings
Maui weddings
tropical bouquet
Maui wedding: jewel tones
brides bouquets in jewel tones
Maui wedding planner
table flwoers
Orange flowers
tropical weddng cake

Chrysta: For her tented reception the tables and poles where draped with pink, orange and purple flowers. The brides bouquet was deep orange roses, orange tulips, deep pink mini calla lilies and purple hydrangea. The bridesmaids each carried one of the variety of flowers in her bouquet, solid red roses, solid orange tulips, solid purple hydrangea and deep pink mini calla lilies of the maid of honor.

colorful maui table flowers
tent flowers
Brides bouquet on Maui
pink casa blanca lilies
centerpieces with colorful tones
Maui bride: colorful bouquet withorange, pink and purple
orange tulip and pink mini calla lilies bouquet

Heather: Lavender, purple and yellow mini calla lilies, dark red roses, lavender tulips, dark purple flowers and lavender stock and shells make up this wonderful brides bouquet. The bridesmaids carried the same but smaller bouquet. The tables each had a different local Maui flower in a glass vase. The wedding had a bright tropical Maui feel.

protea Maui
purple orchids
maui protea
maui flowers
Brides bouquet
Brides bouquet featured on The Knot by Blue Sky Weddings
Maui florist: Blue Sky Weddings
tropical mix
tropical boquet

Sabina: Bridal flowers, white cymbidium orchids, wax, pink spray roses, green orchids, pink mini calla lilies and seeded eucalyptus

mocara orchids
green orchids


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